Quin es Isa al Masih? -- el hombre vestido de blanco
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Isa al Masih
Who is he? What does he teach?
What about his life, death, and resurrection?

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Acerca de Jesuscristo (Isa al Masih)
La vida, muerte y resurreccin de Isa

La resurreccin de Cristo
La resurreccin de Isa

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Hundreds of years before the birth of Isa al Masih (Jesus Christ), many prophecies are recorded in the Tawrat and Zabur (Old Testament) that forecast the coming of a Savior for all mankind. A panel of scientists with the American Scientific Affiliation goes on record as saying that the chances that one man could fulfill just 8 of the nearly 300 predictions pointing to the Messiah is one in 100,000,000,000,000,000. Truly it can be no other then Jesus of Nazareth. [ lee ms ]

At the appointed time in God's plan, a young Jewish woman became pregnant. Yet this was no ordinary pregnancy, for this woman, Mary (Maryam), had had no sexual relations (though was engaged to Joseph). [ Read More ] The Bible and the Qur'an clearly teach the virgin birth of Jesus, so we know that Jesus must have been a truly special man with a God-ordained plan.

What was that plan? It was to bring peace to all mankind of every nation. [ lee ms ]

Some skeptics argue that Jesus never existed historically. Yet historians Josephus, Suetonius, Thallus, Pliny the Younger, the Talmud, and Lucian all record his existence. Some believe he did not die on the cross, or that he was not raised again from the dead. But many eyewitnesses, some of whom were hostile to Christ, say that it is true. [ lee ms ]

In fact, even today many Muslims from throughout the world are reporting that they have been visited in a dream or a vision by Isa al Masih, often coming as a man in white. In such dreams and visions, he tells of his resurrection and the fact that he is the only way to salvation. [ lee ms ]

Sueos y Visiones de Isa al Masih

The life that Jesus lived on earth was only 33 years, often divided into two periods: his "private" life (about 30 years, 18 of which there is no record for in the Bible) and his "public" life (lasting about three years during which many miracles and teaching took place). While he was tempted as we are on this earth, Christ never sinned -- making him the only qualified sacrifice for us. One of his many names is "the lamb" [ Read More ]. After his death and resurrection, Christ went up into heaven where the Bible teaches that he now sits at the right hand of God the Father. And it is only through him "who knew no sin" that we, those full of sin, can enter into a perfect heaven with the perfect God. [ lee ms ].

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