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La SuperBiblioteca de la Creacin

Because the theory of Evolution is popular throughout the world, many people have been misled into believing that all scientists accept it. In reality, many intelligent and experienced scientists strongly reject this theory for scientific reasons. As Science Digest reported, "Many... hold impressive credentials in science."

A growing body of scientific evidence indicates that Evolution is wrong. There is strong scientific support for the accuracy of the Bible. You can learn about these exciting evidences here (follow the links).

We can now know with certainty that every creature is the result of the Creator. The whole earth and all the known universe is full of evidence of Almighty God.

The creation of man and woman, all living things, and the universe is described in the holy book of Genesis and other books of the Bible. Learn how science is revealing the accuracy of these books.

As a result of their study of science and the Bible, you will find that thousands of scientists have become followers of Isa al Masih (peace be unto him) and believers in the Bible as the accurate Word of God.


Larry Hattfield, "Educators Against Darwin," Science Digest Special (Winter 1979), pp. 94-96.

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