Who is Isa al Masih—the man in white?
Dreams and Visions of Isa al Masih (pbuh)
About Isa al Masih

Learn about Isa al Masih - his amazing life, his beautiful teachings, his sacrificial death, and evidence that he rose from the dead and will return to the world a second time.

Al Kitab: the Tawrat, Zabur and Injil -- about the Bible

What is the message of the Tawrat, Zabur and Injil? What is the history of the Quran and the Injil?

Are translations of these books available today trustworthy?

Are you sure that you'll go to Paradise when you die?

Do you know with certainty that you will spend eternity in Paradise with God? Is assurance available?

Archaeology confirms the truth of the Bible

Are the Tawrat and Injil corrupted? Learn about exciting archaeological discoveries that show that these holy books are accurate in their many details.

Creation Evidences

Amazing scientific discoveries prove that the Evolutionary theory is wrong. Isa al Masih revealed that God created all things, as recorded in the holy books written before 100 A.D.

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Learn the secret meaning of Id-al-Adha

An apology to all Muslims

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