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God's Story: From Creation to Eternity

Yaratılıstan Sonsuzluğa filmi

Yaratılıstan Sonsuzluğa
Do you understand God's Story? Take a multimedia journey through the Bible, from Creation to eternity. Hear and read an exciting summary of the Bible's most important records, in chronological order.

Format: Video or Audio

A Video of Isa al Masih


Available online in 58 languages

The Jesus Film
"JESUS" is a remarkable film, full of drama. The careful attention to biblical accuracy catapults you back into the life and time of Jesus Christ. You walk the same historical streets, you experience the same wonderful miracles, and you are touched by the power of God as you relive great events.

Format: Video


  • A Portrait of Jesus: a Turkish audio program from Audio Scriptures International. [Download in .mp3 format]
  • Evreni yönlendiren Fiziksel Kurallar olduğu gibi Tanrı ile ilişkimizi yönlendiren Ruhsal Kurallar vardır.
  • online audio messages
  • Thru the Bible Radio: Bible-based radio broadcasts in Turkish
  • Format: Audio & Text

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